Napoleon St joins war against waste!

Friday 19th of June 2015

Baker St and Nature’s Harvest on Napoleon St in Cottesloe are joining a campaign this July to encourage people to bring reusable cups for takeaway coffees.

Australians discard an estimated 1 billion takeaway cups and lids each year with most ending up in landfill, some as litter and few are recycled. To raise awareness and encourage people to rethink and reduce their waste, the ‘Bring One, Get One Tree’ initiative is happening again in 38 western suburbs cafes this July.

‘Bring One, Get One Tree’ was so successful in 2014 that it has since been copied at UWA, the Victoria Park café strip and even across the Tasman cafes in Gisborne, New Zealand! The initiative is a great example of thinking globally but acting locally with almost 5,000 cups and lids saved from landfill and the same number of trees being planted in the last 12 months.

Check out the Post Article (20 June 2015) at this link for more on this fabulous campaign. And if you want to do more about avoiding single-use plastic, why not take the Plastic Free July challenge?

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