Plastic-Free Summer Festival (16&17 Jan 2015)

Thursday 25th of December 2014

Did you know over five trillion pieces of plastic are floating in our oceans according to the most comprehensive study to date on plastic pollution around the world? It's not just a problem overseas but also around Australia's coastlines, and the sources are alarming. Learn more about this important issue from leading scientist Dr Jenniver Lavers (as seen on the ABC Catalyst) when she visits Perth to share the story of the science firsthand.

Marine biologist Dr Jennifer Lavers has past eleven years exploring some of the world's most remote, least studied and inaccessible islands. Her research focuses on understanding how human activities have impacted wild species and spaces, with a particularly interest in marine plastic pollution and seabirds. Dive into the science behind plastic pollution and  get the local facts at your fingertips! Be part of the change.

Organised by the WMRC Earth Carers, the City of Fremantle, Fremantle BID and the Town of Cottesloe this free 2 day community festival offers events for all ages.

Download the Plastic-Free Summer Festival flyer here

Learn. Be inspired. Connect with your local community. Be part of the global movement to reduce single-use plastic for the sake of the environment and our future. All events are FREE and PLASTIC-FREE! Bring your own water bottle and reusable cup. 

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