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Free Earth Carers Course

Recycle bin overflowing? Got too much stuff? The Earth Carers Course will show you how to live with less waste. Hosted by the Western Metropolitan Regional Council’s waste education team, the course runs over five sessions and includes topics such as recycling food scraps, decluttering, green cleaning and a tour of a waste recovery facility plus handy tips on how you can refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle.

The course is free to western suburbs residents located in the council areas of Mosman Park, Peppermint Grove, Cottesloe, Subiaco and Claremont.

When: Course runs over three consecutive weeks with three Thursday evenings and two Saturday mornings. Starting from the 3rd of May.

Where: Shenton Park Community Centre, Onslow Road, Shenton Park.

Registrations are essential, please book online at Eventbrite or phone 93844003.  


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<![CDATA[Meet the Battery Recycle Champions]]> http://www.earthcarers.org.au/blog/article/meet-the-battery-recycle-champions/159/ The batteries have been weighed and tallied and we are pleased to announce that Rosalie Primary School is our 2017 School Battery Recycling Champions collecting 313.2 kilograms! Coming 2nd was Freshwater Bay Primary School who collected 113 kilograms and third place went to St Hilda's Junior School with 87 kilograms.

In total 804 kilograms of batteries were collected in western suburbs schools in 2017.

High commendation goes to Christ Church Grammar Preparatory School who collected the third highest number of batteries per student since joining the program in March 2017.

The School Battery Competition is a great way to teach students the importance of battery recycling. Plus it can also be easily incorporated into many parts of the school curriculum.

More information on the program can be found by visiting Earth Carers

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<![CDATA[Earth Carers win an Environmental Action Award]]> http://www.earthcarers.org.au/blog/article/earth-carers-win-an-environmental-action-award/155/ Western Metropolitan Regional Council’s Waste Education team were awarded top honours last month (October 27th) at the United Nations Association of Australia WA Division, UN Day Gala evening at Government House.

The Environmental Action Award was in recognition of the Earth Carers program, a free bi-annual course which educates western suburbs residents about good waste practices. The Earth Carers Course takes participants on waste and recycling tours and teaches important life skills through prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling.

The Waste Education team host a range of free low-waste workshops such as home-composting and worm farming, provides support to schools and makes low-waste event kits available for hire to various local events. These programs and services are provided by the WMRC and supported by Town of Cottesloe, Town of Mosman Park, Town of Claremont, City of Subiaco and Shire of Peppermint Grove. To get involved in one of the many programs visit www.earthcarers.org.au or search Earth Carers on Facebook.  

L to R: Lotterywest CEO Susan Hunt, WMRC Waste Educators Amy Mickelberg and Amy Warne and UNAAWA President Dr Steve Lennon. 

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<![CDATA[Planet Ark's National Recycling Week]]> http://www.earthcarers.org.au/blog/article/planet-arks-national-recycling-week/153/

As part of Planet Ark's National Recycling Week (13 - 19 November) the Western Metropolitan Regional Council's Earth Carers invite you to attend one of the free events to fight waste in the Western Suburbs. From a composting workshop to tours of Cleanaway’s Material Resource Facility, Food Rescue and Good Samaritan Industries - there is a workshop or tour to suit you! To see the full list of events and to reserve your spot visit Eventbrite

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<![CDATA[Compost in Claremont Sunday 12 November 9:30am]]> http://www.earthcarers.org.au/blog/article/compost-in-claremont-sunday-12-november-930am/154/ Get the secrets to simple, hassle-free home composting at this fun hands-on morning workshop. This FREE workshop hosted by Western Earth Carers will show you how to turn your kitchen and garden scraps into rich compost for your garden.

Proudly supported by Town of Claremont, Town of Cottesloe, Town of Mosman Park, City of Subiaco and Shire of Peppermint Grove. The first 15 registrations from these councils will receive a free composting kit which includes a compost bin, kitchen caddy, compost turner and mouse mesh.

Morning tea provided. 

When: Sunday 12 November 9.30am - 11am

Where: Meals on Wheels/Claremont Park

            288 Stirling Highway, Claremont

Tickets at Eventbrite

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<![CDATA[Worm farming workshop]]> http://www.earthcarers.org.au/blog/article/worm-farming-workshop/150/ Get the secrets to simple, hassle-free home wom farming at this fun, free hands-on workshop. We will show you how to turn your kitchen scraps into rich worm castings and liquid gold for your garden by enlisting the help of the best little gardeners in the world - worms!

Proudly supported by Town of Claremont, Town of Cottesloe, Town of Mosman Park, City of Subiaco and Shire of Peppermint Grove. The first 12 registrations from these councils will receive a free wormfarming kit which includes a worm farm (prefab style or upcycled foam box style), worms and bedding. Morning tea will be provided.

When: Saturday 9 September 2017, 9.30am to 11.00am
Where: St Luke's Community Garden, 20 Monument St, Mosman Park (parking off Stirling Hwy)
RSVP: Essential via Eventbrite, click here.

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<![CDATA[WMRC transfer station in Shenton Park open on weekends]]> http://www.earthcarers.org.au/blog/article/wmrc-transfer-station-in-shenton-park-open-on-weekends/151/

The WMRC operates the JFR (Jim) McGeough Resource Recovery Facility (formerly known as the Brockway Transfer Station) in Shenton Park. The facility encompasses:

  • A waste transfer station for Councils, residents and businesses.
  • Greenwaste recycling operations to divert organic material into the horticulture industry.
  • Recycling services for cardboard, plastic, scrap metal, batteries, printer cartridges, mobile phones, fluorescent lights, electronic waste and more.
  • Problematic waste collection services for LPG gas cylinders, asbestos and tyres.

Around 38,000 tonnes passes through the facility each year. What can’t be separated for recycling is loaded and compacted into heavy haulage silos and transported to landfill.

For details on opening house, types of waste accepted and any fees and charges applicable visit the WMRC website.

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<![CDATA[Join our next Earth Carers Course]]> http://www.earthcarers.org.au/blog/article/join-our-next-earth-carers-course/152/ Join the growing community of Earth Carers in the Western Suburbs and learn how to live with less waste! On the Earth Carers course you’ll enjoy touring waste and community facilities and finding out about what happens to different types of waste. You will learn practical skills like composting and decluttering plus other tips help you make good waste practices normal in your family and neighbourhood. The next free course starts Wednesday 18 October and runs for five sessions on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Comments from past participants:

This Earth Carers course has debunked a few myths I believed about waste and inspired me to commit to a journey towards a waste-free life” Angie. Oct 2015

“This Earth Carers Course has reminded me I can make a difference! It does actually start with me…” Tam. May 2015

When: Starts Wednesday 18 October, 6.30pm. Course goes over three Thursday evenings and two Saturday mornings.

Where: Thursday sessions: Grove Community Centre, 1 Leake St Peppermint Grove

RSVP: Bookings essential, register for the course here.

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<![CDATA[Low Waste Australia Day]]> http://www.earthcarers.org.au/blog/article/low-waste-australia-day/149/ The Waste Education team is working with staff from Mosman Park, Cottesloe and Peppermint Grove to ensure that their Australia Day event to be held in Cottesloe and attended by Premier Colin Barnett and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is a low waste event.  This involves working with Earth Carer volunteers, Rotary and other groups to avoid single use plastic and unnecessary crockery and cutlery.   All new citizens are getting low waste tips and goodies in their welcome packs too. Come along and see how we are working to make good waste practices normal at events in our region!

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<![CDATA[Worm Farm Workshop]]> http://www.earthcarers.org.au/blog/article/worm-farm-workshop/148/ Here's a chance to learn how to have worms process your food waste into great fertilizer!  If you've never really got worms to work for you this is your chance.  We'll show you how to get your worms thriving in their new home. Everyone welcome and the first 8 residents from the Towns of Claremont, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, the Shire of Peppermint Grove and the  City of Subiaco will receive a free worm farm and plenty of lively healthy worms.

When: 10-11.30am Saturday 10 September 2016
Where: Earthwise, 315 Bagot Rd Subiaco
RSVP: Essential, earthcarers@wmrc.wa.gov.au
Details: click here

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