Cloth Sandwich Wraps

Friday 9th of November 2012

POSTED BY: Amy Warne

I have been wanting  to make a simple kind of lunch wrap for ages! I hate glad wrap. It does not make me glad. So at the recent Make Do and Mend workshop (click here for pics!) I had the perfect opportunity to work on a design and whip a few out.

In fact the truth is I have tried to make one before with little research and a foolhardyness. I wanted it to be leak proof and to keep the sandwiches moist so I made it with PUL fabric (a kind of waterproof fabric which I had left over from my DIY menstrual pad workshop). I also lined it with some pirate fabric to keep my boy happy and popped a couple of press studs on it. I don’t have a photo of it because it somehow went mouldy and I threw it in the bin (its true) (you  will be happy to know that my pads have not suffered this fate –  but this is the subject of a future blog).

After the mould incident  I concluded that one layer would be infinitely better. And Rebecca has finally convinced me that plastic and food should not go together (more info here).  I also came to the conclusion that a sandwich, cake or biscuit will probably not dry out between packing it at 8.00am and my boy eating it at 12.00pm. So this is the recipe:


 1 square of thick cotton (eg denim, cotton  drill, but not synthetic fabric)


Velcro (not the type with sticky stuff on the back as this will clog up your sewing needle!)


Cut fabric into a square big enough to wrap a sandwich

Hem it so it does not fray

Sew on Velcro

To use:

Wrap sandwich in fabric and wash each day when it comes home in a crumpled heap in the corner of your child's lunch box. When washing, stick the velcro bits together so it does not catch on other items in your washing machine. Line dry, fold and reuse and reuse and reuse and never purchase glad wrap, glad bags or glad boxes again!

Here is the final product. I'm going to make some smaller ones for cakes and biscuits too. So easy to make, good home made Christmas pressie idea, and very good for the earth!


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