Plastic-free shopping survival kit

Tuesday 23rd of April 2013

POSTED BY: Rebecca Prince-Ruiz (Earth Carers Coordinator)

To paraphrase Kermit, its not always easy being green...especially when you are busy. Having done the Plastic Free July challenge two years in a row now I am pleased to say that many of the habits and ideas have stuck and we now use a lot less plastic in our home. Notice I didn't say "no plastic"? One of the biggest things I have learned from the challenge is that the more I plan our meals and the more organised I am, the less plastic I use.

The past few weeks have been particularly busy and I have tended to shop each day, which has meant the types of food I have purchased has often been determined by whatever bag/container I happened to have with me. On the weekend I decided to get really organised and pack a "Plastic Free Shopping kit" to keep in my car. This consists of a large hessian shopping bag which contains;-

  • several calico bags (good for bread as well as fruit, vegetables and as extra shopping bags)
  • small netting produce bags (for fruit & veges, nuts, coffee beans etc)
  • empty jar (for peanut butter, tahini etc)
  • empty containers, bottles (for washing up liquid, olive oil, soy sauce etc)
  • plastic containers (for cheese, fish, meat etc)

And one other thing, don't forget to pack a bit of courage. Its not always easy to ask storekeepers to use your own containers but it is worthwhile and does get easier, especially when someone smiles and says "good on you".

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