Recent Earth Carers Course Graduates do great things!

Monday 7th of December 2015

The Earth Carers Course has long been very effective in energising people to do all sorts of things in their communities.




From what we know so far, these are some of the things that the most recent group of Earth Carers Course graduates are doing already:

  • campaigning for a supermarket to reduce the amount of packaging on their fresh fruit,
  • discovering just how many uses there are for bicarb around the house,
  • putting the bin out every second week instead of every week,
  • investigating ways to ensure a new landfill in a developing country is well-designed
  • taking on coordinating the much-loved low-waste Mosman Park EcoFair at St Luke's
  • helping us out at community events
  • using our games to reach a whole new group of people

You're inspirational - all of you!

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