Earth Carers Course

Are you interested in exploring ways to live with less waste whilst meeting likeminded people in your community? This Western Earth Carers course will give residents of Perth's western suburbs the knowledge and skills to rethink their waste.

The course runs over five sessions over three weeks (three weeknights and two weekend sessions) and includes:

  • Tours of waste facilities and community gardens
  • Worm farming and composting
  • Green cleaning
  • Zero waste living
  • Minimising food waste
  • Waste management in Perth
  • Safe ways to recycle or dispose of difficult items like electronic waste, batteries, fluoros and chemicals.

View the Earth Carers Course Program here.

Registrations for the next Earth Carers Course are now open. Our next Earth Carers Course will commence on the 3rd, 6th, 10th, 13th and 17th October 2018 in the Town of Claremont. Register here.

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Upon completing the course you will join the growing Earth Carers community and receive invites to our workshops, tours and have opportunities to volunteer with us including in schools and at community events.  

If you live in Perth’s northern or eastern suburbs you may prefer to participate in an Earth Carers course closer to home. Please visit Northern Earth Carers (MRC) or Eastern Earth Carers (EMRC) 

What past participants are saying about Earth Carers

"Who could imagine a course on waste would be so much fun"

"Your facilitators were excellent, fully conversant with the information and worked with great enthusiasm to maintain the engagement of the whole group. Their warmth and generosity of spirit was truly wonderful."

“It was a real wake up call to learn in depth about how our waste is conventionally dealt with.

“Earth Carers has been my springboard into all sorts of aspects of living more sustainably, particularly in getting to know more people locally.”


Earth Carers Course

'The best thing about the Earth Carers Course is meeting like minded people!'