Free Recycling in Perth's Western Suburbs

JFR (Jim) McGeough Resource Recovery Facility (Brockway Road, Shenton Park)

Batteries, cardboard, fluorescent lights, motor oil, plastic and here for a full list.

You can also recycle for a small fee:

Mattresses and here for details. 

Opening hours here




Recycling Drop Off Stations

We have several recycling stations for batteries, fluorescent globes and tubes, mobile phones and printer cartridges in convenient places around the Western Suburbs.  Click here for locations

Battery Recycling Bins

We have over 20 battery recycling collection containers located around Perth's western here  for locations.

Recycling tips

  • Don't bag recyclables.
  • Remove lids from bottles.
  • Where possible, rinse out containers.
  • Empty liquid from bottles, as they may not be recycled due to the liquid potentially being hazardous.
  • Don't place shredded paper in your recycling bin. It blows around the recycling facility and is difficult to separate from other recyclables. 

Recycling Sites

Building & Demolition Waste:

Electronic Waste:

Car bodies:

Plastic bags:

  • Most supermarkets provide containers for plastic bags to be recycled.