Schools' Battery Recycling Program

How does the school battery recycling program work?

Easy. If you're an interested teacher, student or parent in our Member Council area* just contact us and sign up! Schools that sign up for the program receive:

  • A visit by WMRC staff to discuss how best to run program in your school with interested teachers, students, and/or parents
  • Metal battery recycling bin with liners
  • Posters and take home battery recycling bags
  • Launch of program at your school assembly by WMRC staff and battery mascot
  • Quarterly collection and weighing of batteries, regular feedback and on-going mentoring and support

School Battery Recycling Competition

When you sign up for the program you automatically go in our School Battery Recycling Competition which is announced at the end of each year. The winning school receives a book voucher prize and certificate. We also like to make a media splash about it! To keep it fair the prize is awarded to the school with the most batteries collected per number of students. Our winning school in 2017 and 2016 was Rosalie Primary School. In 2015 was Freshwater Bay Primary School, here they are on the front page of the Post Newspaper, 27 Nov 2015.

Photo: Paul McGovern, Post Newspapers 27th November 2015

For more information on the program check our Factsheet or encourage your school to get recycling by downloading our School Battery Recycling Poster

Some educational ideas

The battery program can easily be incorporated into many parts of the school curriculum.

  • Have collection containers in each classroom and weigh the batteries each week before emptying them into the main collection bin.
  • Line the batteries end to end and each week measure the length and transfer this onto a map. See how long it takes you to cover the length of the freeway.
  • Sort the batteries into different types and record on a graph.
  • Research how batteries work or the history of batteries.
  • Batteries are also an important example demonstrating how energy can transform from one form to another with recycling.

If you have a good idea of an activity, let us know and we can post it on our website.

Participating Schools

A huge thank you to all our Battery Recycling Schools! 

  • Beehive Montessori School
  • Cottesloe Primary School
  • CCGS Preparatory School (Jnr)
  • Freshwater Bay Primary School
  • Iona Presentation College (Middle and Senior Schools)
  • Jolimont Primary School
  • Methodist Ladies College (Junior and Middle School)
  • Mosman Park Primary School
  • North Cottesloe Primary School
  • Perth Modern School
  • Presbyterian Ladies College (Middle and Senior School)
  • Perth Modern School
  • Rosalie Primary School
  • Scotch College (Junior and Senior School)
  • St Hilda's (Junior and Senior School)
  • St Thomas' Primary School
  • Subiaco Primary School

 * Our Member Council Area is the City of Subiaco, the Towns of Claremont, Cottesloe, Mosman Park and the Shire of Peppermint Grove.

Schools' Battery Recycling Program